I’ve been visiting luxury resorts and destinations for nearly 15 years – firstly as a magazine editor, later as a newspaper reporter and editor and, more recently, as a freelance travel writer. I’ve written for some of the major newspapers in Australia and magazines and inflights around the world.  And what I’ve come to realise is that most people just want to know where the best places to stay are. Most of us no longer want to do it tough or backpack or even count our pennies. We want to stay in style, eat good food, relax and and have a great experience. We don’t want to read backpacking tips or find out how to save money, we want a guide to the best luxury places to stay – the stylish, avant garde, the sensational, the gobsmackingly beautiful…the places that make us go wow and vow to return. Sure, we want to explore the local culture, but in comfort, thank you very much.